Session 2: As the Wolf Runs

Does the Crow Fly

Welcoming warmth and the smell of a cooking fire beckon you to enter. Carefully, quietly Glib affects a minor illusion and slips in. Within he sees a the cooking fire burning in the center of the room, tended by a silent figure huddled in animal skins. His delicate, ash-colored hands poke idly at the coals.

Sensing you, he glances up—his crimson eyes dance with firelight beneath his hood: “You’re late.”

He waves you toward the fire, “Enter, please, bring your companions in from the cold.”


The Crow
After a harrowing journey through the frigid Steps, the party stumbled upon a small hut near the forest’s edge. Within, they met a soot-black elf who had been awaiting their arrival. He called himself Crow, and offered what food and warm clothing he had to his weary guests.

While mysterious, he was pleasant, and explained in simple terms that he was a trader headed east over the Stonesteps to the town of Ramswood. He was paid, and asked no questions, to see the travelers to his final destination. A simple task for cold, hard coin.

Crow invited them to join him as a guard duty on the final leg of his journey, to which they agreed for fair pay. Crow offered them to rest for the night before setting out in the morning.

Night Flight
While they slept, Sherwynna kept a close eye on the others in her trance. They had all agreed to watch Crow closely, as they were skeptical of his helpful nature. He disappeared in the night, his trails ending just before the tree line.

Eventually they gave up the search, choosing to rest.

The Dawn
Crow provided basic equipment and weaponry for his newfound caravan guards. After supplying them, he produced an alabaster figure that manifested a great, white auroch named Winter. With Winter drawing his wagon, and the party in tow, they set off for the gates of Ramswood.


On the road, they were beset by wolves that were far more aggressive than they should naturally be. After fighting off pack after pack of wolves and wargs, the onslaught ended with the howl of a great winter wolf on the rocks above—it regarded the travelers with ice blue eyes, but made no further strikes against them. It and what remained of its pack returned to the shadowed trees.



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