Session 15: They on a Boat

It was with a heavy heart that I watched my friends climb to the air ship. Partially because I lack the strength necessary to climb the rope and join them, and partially because I have found myself with a group of people who just enter what is clearly private property in broad daylight without a second thought. One cannot always choose their lot, to be sure. I watched a rabbit graze in a patch of grass and thought about slitting it’s throat with my cursed dagger. MONDAYS, AM I RIGHT?

What I suspected as a struggle was confirmed with the falling of a suit of armor from the sky. If I couldn’t make it up then my familiar certainly could. My eyes got that milky look you always see when wizards do some badass shit— an illusion, of course— and kai took the galley and stone cold lighting bit some fools.

After a couple of iterations of my pet— all slaughtered easily, I had to find a way to get up there myself. After straining the limits of my knowledge concerning teleportation I narrowly made it to the deck of the amazing, floating ship.

The rest of the automatons were dispatched with, and before Sherwynna could distastefully ransack the place and strip the brass railings for scrap metal I heard a mysterious voice communicating with me telepathically from a container in the middle of the ship…



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