The Tower

God of War, Law, and Civilization


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Temples to the Tower are often of military construction, built to withstand siege. Each one is a training ground for acolytes that spire to become to join the warrior priesthood.

His servants are most often seen in the vanguard of wars waged all over the world.


A god revered by paladins and priests that champion order and the rule of law. The Tower is a popular deity in the world’s major cities that benefit from a stratified social hierarchy. He rarely manifests in the world, but has been attributed with turning the tide of many battles—occasionally from both sides in the same battle. Documented cases of the Tower’s avatar walking the world are few and often regarded as legend in scholarly circles.

While cultural representations of Five often differ from region to region, the Tower is always depicted in heavy armor of some kind. His face is always obscured and he bears only a mighty great shield—in a word: unyielding.

The Tower

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