The Tempest

Goddess of Struggle, Nature, and Storms


She is the Storm and she demands that only the strongest may survive. While she is often discounted by scholars as a symbolic personification of the world’s natural cycles, they could not be further from the truth.

The Tempest is a living deity with her own desires and designs for the mortal world. She is the master of all natural cycles, and the patron goddess of bloody warfare and the struggles of survival.

Tales of the Tempest walking the mortal world are not well documented; the tales are often part of tribal oral traditions with few formal accounts. Those tales describe her as a massive and powerful warrior—a whirlwind of blades, and the uncontested champion of any battlefield she invades.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

There are no formal temples to the Tempest. Hers are the untouched glade, the raging storm, and the bloody slaughter of tribal warfare. Druids and wilderfolk wisewomen revere her, and more than one tribe of wildermen worship her as the chief deity among their revered nature spirits.

Few civilized lands are home to vocal worshippers of the Tempest in the current era, but becomes more common on the frontiers and wild reaches far from the relative order of Es’Annon’s kingdoms.

The Tempest

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