The Maiden

Goddess of Light and Life


Of the Five, the Maiden is perhaps most directly involved in mortal affairs. Temples to the Maiden populate most civilized lands, and they serve as a safe haven for the weak and weary.

The Maiden is depicted as a feminine deity, wreathed in shining light, though her race changes across cultures. She is particularly revered in the deserts of Qir’Andar, where she is feared and revered as the patron goddess of the harsh sand sea.

In most kingdoms, however, the Maiden is considered a kind and merciful Goddess—an immortal champion of all that is right and good.


Alignment: Good

The Maiden recognizes many servants, who seek to bring her light and mercy to the far reaches of Es’Annon.

Her influence is often welcomed, as her clergy is known for its care for those in need. While most of her priesthood dedicate themselves to lives of humble service and pacifism, warrior orders do exist, though they are far fewer in number than the Tower’s mortal champions.

The Maiden

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