The Errant

God of Death, Trickery, and Sojourn


Also called The Wandering God, the Errant does not intervene in mortal affairs as often (or at least as overtly) as the other gods tend to do.

The Errant is often depicted as a wanderer, though its form changes dramatically across cultural traditions. The one exception to this is that the god is always accompanied (in some fashion) by imagery of crows, ravens, or another carrion bird indigenous to the region.

In some regions the god is feared—attributed to violent death, the presence of restless dead, or blighted earth. In others the Errant is welcomed and revered as the protector of natural cycles, particularly in harvest festivals.


Alignment: Unknown

The Errant recognizes no known priests and offers no power to mortal worshippers. While cults that revere the god exist, none have been able to prove their god’s favor. The common view is that the Errant does not require worship as the other gods do, as all souls must eventually pass through the gates of Widowkeep.

The god’s greatest servant is the mysterious and chilling Pallid Knight, the warden of Widowkeep and its winding roads.

The Errant

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