The Speaker

"We remember the forgotten history. The injustice done. Those that listen, but need a name to follow, call us Speaker."


A boy, dressed in modest robes, that seems to burden the weight of many years. His voice is powerful and commanding, matched only by the intensity of his gaze. He brandished an archaic, black-iron staff through which he focused a powerful ritual.

He claims to know the world’s forgotten past, and works in secret with his brothers to “make ready the path” and prepare Es’Annon for what is to come.


Little is known of the Speaker, save for that he orchestrated the Black Hounds infiltration of Ramswood under the pretense of serving the Crimson King.

It was discovered that his primary motivation in Ramswood was to lure Sherwynna, Glib, Hamesh, and Finnit into the Harren crypt to finish the ritual his brother had started. He succeeded in that task, trapping their essences in a magical gem.

He has since fled with his servant Whisper to parts unknown, bearing with them an ancient onyx monolith.

The Speaker

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